Solo Show

★★★★★ Bollywood and Birmingham to Berlin and Brexit ★★★★★

“Growing up – I was too brown for the white kids and the wrong kind of brown for the brown kids.

That’s when I first questioned my identity.”

Come and join international stand-up comedian Dharmander Singh as he goes on a journey to discover his identity, roots and nationality through funny stories and observations about being named after a Bollywood legend, living and trying to belong in 80’s Birmingham and the challenges and pleasures of being a sun-kissed Brummie in Berlin. 

Audience Reviews

“A wonderful show! Very funny and also quite moving. A personal story that takes in religion, politics and identity – with one-liners we were still quoting days later!”

Stuart Parkinson

“Great show. A satirical look at issues we all face today. Highly recommended!”

Lalita Uttamsingh

“Enjoyed this show. Friendly, energetic, feel-good comedy!”

Leeroy Dewitt

“Funny clever and entertaining hour. Humorous exploration of our prejudices…”

Philippa Ridley